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It connects students with supportive and helpful mentors that will help them progress along their academic and professional journey.







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With the Right Mentor, Great Things Can Happen

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By providing a suite of products that help incoming freshmen connect and foster a real relationship with mentors to help support them throughout their academic journey.

Our Features

Bee-Long has a variety of features that are catered toward strengthening mentor-mentee relationships. It also provides a physical product that enhances the connection and communication between mentors and mentees.

App Feature #1


Uses onboarding information from students via AI to match the student needs through a series of filters to find the best mentor for them.

App Feature #2

Connecting with a Mentor

Allows students to connect with their mentor through a message and confirm their availability via a calendar.


It can be used for any Q&A that the mentee may have and also reminders for a time-based check-in.

App Feature #3

and Events

Helps to improve the relationship with their mentor and also meet other mentees to gain insights on how to communicate with their mentor better.

App Feature #4

and Referrals

It is part of an incentive when students used the Bee-Long app. The points earned through the app can be redeemed only on campus for food stops, campus bookstores, or exclusive invites to events held on campus.

Physical Product #1

Built for Students, by Students

The BEE-Long Buddy is a tool to enhance the connection and communication between mentors and mentees. This is done through its variety of prompts and questions, accessible design, and ability to tailor questions through user profiles.

Variety of







What Our Users Say

“It is a very interesting app, either as a mentee being guided by someone with experience in the field you want or as a mentor to reach other people with your knowledge.”

Alicia Leo,

“This app provides continuous motivation to fully become a better version of yourself. A great way for a mentee like me to seek guidance and establish my career. ”

Erfan Khaki,

UX/UI Designer

“This unique platform serves as an easy way to meet new people of all levels and ages who share similar interests. It makes finding willing mentors and mentees quite easy!”

Becky Law,


Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our "Innovative" Solution

Physical Product #2